TRANSLOADING MADE QUICK AND EASY. ONE MAN, ONE MACHINE. The Walinga Chem-Veyor line up is easily adapted to your every need. With 30 years in the transloading industry we have the experience to help you over operational hurdle's. Whether it's sound reduction, contamination issues, or moving that tricky product, Walinga is here for you.

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Save time and save money when preloading trailers with the Walinga Chem-Veyor. Quicker transfers keep trailers and drivers on the road, not sitting in the yard. With wheels rolling, you make more deliveries in a day, an opportunity for increased revenue and higher returns on your fleet investment. Developed specifically for high capacity, contaminant free transfers of pellet, granular and powder type bulk products, Chem-Veyors are perfectly suited for polyethylene pellets, PVC resins, various powders and even traditionally difficult commodities like sugar. Built to last, each unit features stainless steel tanks, 6 inch diameter (150mm) stainless steel lines and is powered by two WALINGA positive displacement 'hard coated' 1800cfm blowers.


Walinga endeavors that new equipment be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty period is either two years from purchase or 500 hrs. of operation, whichever occurs first. Full terms and conditions are available from Walinga or your local Walinga dealer.

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Walinga's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.

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