Vacuum Conveying System

Introducing Walinga's newest, versatile vacuum conveying system designed for full and part-time production line integration. A new benchmark in Food, Feed and Seed product transfer or reclamation. Adopting Walinga's Air Purge vacuum technology, the system includes self-cleaning filters within an NFPA compliant housing, replacing traditional filter canisters, filter cleaning, and replacement. The entire VCS ‘pull’ system is self-contained and expandible. So versatile that you can integrate the system almost anywhere.

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Designed to National Fire Safety Guidelines

Designed to National Fire Protection Association standards, Walinga’s Air Purge self-cleaning filter technology reduces explosive risk, risk of fire, maintenance time and costs while promoting a cleaner, healthier work environment. Effectively a lossless system it reduces the risk of rodent infestation.

Self-Cleaning Filters

Powerful Air Purge technology cyclically cleans internal air filters automatically. No more time consuming manual filter cleanings required. Save time. Save money. Eliminate product loss.

Clean-Up and Transfer Almost Anything, Anywhere...

Walinga's Vacuum Conveying Systems are generally used to convey ST1 type materials, and with additional safety features can be used to convey some ST2 type materials. Walinga engineers work with customers to provide the best performing solutions.

Although not identical twins, the Walinga Air Purge Vacuum Conveying Systems and Walinga Ultra-Veyor Push systems share the same Walinga DNA. Both systems utilize high performance Walinga Blower and Airlock components. Deciding whether installing a push (positive pressure) system or pull (vacuum pressure) is typically dependant on the application. A Vacuum conveying system minimizes dust and provides multiple drop points for clean up accessories or various production line integrations. A push system like Walinga's Ultra-Veyor line efficiently moves bulk over great distance and elevation with minimal damage. All Walinga pneumatic conveying systems are covered by Walinga's Two Year / 500hr. Warranty*. Choose from online chat, person to person or dealer support to take advantage of Walinga's expertise. They are ready to help determine which pneumatic conveying system is best for you. Remember, customers benefit from Walinga's extensive support network before, during and after an installation. Owning a Walinga includes ONSITE Service. Trained service technicians, tools and parts delivered right to your facilities door**.

*Full warranty terms and conditions are available from Walinga or your local dealer. **Geographic restrictions may apply.

The Walinga Hard Coated SRT Blower

Walinga Hard Coated SRT Blowers are manufactured to exact specifications and quality control standards. The housing, end plates and impellers are precision machined.
Gears and bearings are "splash lubricated". For Vacuum applications, Walinga blowers operate at very low rpms extending the life of the blowers.

Drop Thru Airlock

Cast iron precision machined housing for longer life.

Adjustable tips available in Knife Edged Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Composite Rubber.

Electric Motor for separate start/stop operation.

Optional: Hard Coated Airlock

Air Purge Primary Cyclone

The Walinga Air Purge Primary Cyclone combines three traditional components, the primary cyclone and bin, a secondary cyclone and bin plus filter canister into one integrated Air Purge Primary Cyclone unit.

One component replacing three means simpler installation on a smaller footprint with far less maintenance.

Dumpster Full Bin Sensors

Bin Sensors monitor the volume of collected material and automatically shut off the system when bins reach full capacity.

Built To Withstand The Elements

Install Walinga's scalable vacuum conveying systems pretty much anywhere you can pipe. From floor to floor and building to building customers may opt for outdoor airlock and blower package installation. The units are built to withstand the elements and an outdoor installation helps maintain minimal interior sound levels.

Upset the Explosion Equation

Vacuum Conveying Systems eliminate the particulate dispersions associated with push systems. Removing Dust and Dispersion from the Dust Explosion Equation* greatly reduces explosion and fire risks.

* Dust + Dispersion + Confinement + Oxygen + Ignition = Explosion.

No Shoveling, No Sweeping

Eliminate the need to shovel or sweep. Performing dual duty, utilize powerful human scaled vacuum attachments to handle any production line spill or housekeeping tasks. Removing dust from the air rather than stirring it up, the system improves air quality as it runs.

No Debris - No Vermin

Given the vacuum conveying systems draw matter inwards, any breach in the piping only creates an 'inward' leak.  This virtually eliminates and accumulated bulk debris providing host to any sort of wildlife. Eliminate the debris, you remove the vermin.

One-Man Handling Ability

The system is designed with durable, lightweight components. Reduce staff time with one person replacing many.

Scalable, Low Cost, Task Tailored Bulk Product Transfer & Recovery

Human-Scaled AttachmentsChoose from a wide selection of 2 lines, nozzles and attachments. Light-weight and easy to handle, these human-scaled components are perfect for regular maintenance and smaller cleanups.

Installation's a Breeze

Design and install the system yourself. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards, parts always fit as intended, promising frustration free assembly and installation. Remember, Walinga support is always available. Tasked with simple direction, or designing turn-key systems, Walinga engineers help ensure installations are a breeze.

Book an On-Site Demo

Is a Walinga Vac System the right choice for your transfer, dust or product recovery? It's easy enough to find out! We'll come to you. A technical representative with a full-functioning Walinga Central Vac System will visit your site, demonstrate the system with your actual bulk product and work with you to develop a system keyed to your specific needs. Call your nearest rep to arrange demo!

On-Site Service

Walinga engineers work with you, from site inspection thru design and fabrication. Installations are a breeze. Even after installation, Walinga support remains only a call or click away. The Walinga ONSITE Service now delivers service technicians, tools and parts right to your facilities door. Some geographic restrictions may apply.


Walinga’s entire pneumatic conveying product line is powered by an all inclusive two year warranty. Walinga support doesn’t begin or end with our warranty. Walinga engineers are on hand to help plan for your facilities immediate and future needs. Walinga expert assistance will help design the ideal system as well as train operations and maintenance staff ensuring your equipment delivers peak performance for years to come.

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Walinga's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.

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