Waste Management

From the day we produced our first Waste Management units we have been committed to an ongoing program of research and development.

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Innovating today, for tomorrow

 Increasingly diverse customer needs drive Walinga to the technology forefront. The welding, component fit, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plywood) side wall panels, and well thought out Walinga factory cab conversions all speak to the dedication of generations of skilled Walinga craftsmen. Quality, durability, and meticulous attention to detail deliver a guaranteed low maintenance waste management solution that is second to none.

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Waligna's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.


Custom LED Lighting Kits

Stainless Steel Hydaulic Lines


Rendering & Compost Features

The Walinga Rendering / Compost Bucket loader unit is available in rear load or front load style, bucket loader or fork loader, straight truck or semi-trailer. The main features of these units are:

  • All aluminum body construction with extruded side stakes
  • Rubrails and top rails 100 percent welded for a stronger leak proof design
  • Heavy duty tailgate locking mechanisms
  • Heavy duty body hinge
  • In cab control for PTO / pump and hoist

The Walinga Rendering / Compost units are available in lengths from 18 feet (truck mount) to 45 feet (trailer unit). Our commitment is to an ongoing program of research and development to give you the best possible equipment for the job.

In Cab Remotes

Salad Bucket

Bathtub Style Unit w/Blood Tanks

Many Different Bucket Configurations Available


Custom LED Lighting Kits

Stainless Hydraulic Lines

Parts & Supplies