6614 DLX
6614 DLX


Height95 in (241 cm)
Width92 in (234 cm)
Length105 in (267 cm)
Weight3014 lbs (1370 kg)
Discharge Height13 ft 8 in minimum (4.49 m)
HP Required110-130 HP
PTO Speed1000 RPM
Line Size5 in (125 mm) & 6 in (150 mm)
TiresTwo standard farm implement
Wheels15 in (38 cm), 5 stud
Blower#614 Walinga SRT (Sound Reduction Type), Super Hardened, Positive Displacement Blower
Airlock#1618 Cast iron shell, precision machined housing, 10 vane rotor, Hardox steel tips, hydraulically driven, reversible rotation
DriveTongue mounted drive shaft with V-type 5 groove sheaves & belts
HydraulicsSelf Contained
Receiver28 in diameter(71 cm) two piece, dual inlets
Precleaner24" dia. (61 cm)
SafetyVacuum/Pressure relief valves


Barley4000 Bu / Hour
85 Tonnes Per Hour
Corn3600 Bu / Hour
92 Tonnes Per Hour
Wheat3200 Bu / Hour
84 Tonnes Per Hour
Beans2800 Bu / Hour
75 Tonnes Per Hour

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Due to continuous product development, specifications are subject to change without notice. Some items shown may be optional.

*Capacities based on using 12 ft. (3.5 m) long suction line and truck loading kit. Capacity will vary with condition of product.