2506 Industrial Vac & 3510 Agri-Vac

Transfer just about anything with the 3510 Agri-Vac, Walinga's proven, portable bulk transfer unit. Introducing Walinga's NEW 2506 Industrial Vac. Filling the void between consumer grade shop vacs and Walinga's massive industrial systems, the portable 2506 Industrial Vac is the ideal clean-up and reclamation unit for large production facilities and mills. Both units are small, both built with fork-lift pockets and either will fit in the back of a pick-up truck. The 3510 Agri-Vac will clean out a pit when that grain legs decides to quit, it's small but it's mighty, moving corn up to 900 bu/hr (23 tonnes/hr)! The 2506 is ready, day in and day out, for making light work of the heaviest tasks. Both built to run hard and run often, properly maintained, these units will last for generations.

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The Ultimate In Portability and Power:

3510 Agri-Vac & 2506 Industrial Vac

Responding to the agri-business demand for something monumentally tough in a compact package Walinga introduced the 3510 AGRI-VAC. The only thing small is its size. Transferring bulk at 900 bu/hr or 23 tons/hr, the 3510 is big on performance.

Introducing the NEW 2506 Industrial Vac! A brute addition to Walinga's portable power crew. Processing facilities, feedmills and producers required something more than a light commercial/consumer grade shop vacuum. Walinga's portable 2506 Industrial Vac fills the void between toy vacs and the massive industrial machines Walinga is known for.

Portable, Industrial Strength Clean-Up

Walinga’s 2506 Industrial Vac makes quick and thorough work of any clean-up or reclamation. Options include gas or electric motor, otherwise the 2506 industrial vac ships complete with 14 feet of heavy duty clean-up hose, swivel connections, an upright floor sweep tool and steel crevice tool.*
The removable 30 gallon tank collects debris. Both the collection tank and the vac frame include forklift points for heavy lifting. The reusable MERV 10 filter keeps exhaust air healthy and free of airborne particulate. A balance of steel and aluminum all metal construction ensures durability. Used indoors or out this unit is built to last! Includes the Walinga two year warranty.


Walinga endeavors that new equipment be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty period is either two years from purchase or 500 hrs. of operation, whichever occurs first. Full terms and conditions are available from Walinga or your local Walinga dealer.

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Waligna's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.

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