Walinga Calendar Photo Contest

Submit your favorite images for a chance to be published on the next Walinga Calendar. PLEASE BE SURE AND UPLOAD IMAGES PROPERLY ORIENTED IN PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE MODES, IMAGES WILL DISPLAY THE WAY THEY ARE ALIGNED AS UPLOADED. *Asterix indicates mandatory field.


Submitted images will be published below once approved by Walinga. Submissions close August 31st 2021 at midnight. Judges will select images to be included in the calendar based upon the photographic merits of the imagery. Winners receive awesome Walinga swag! All imagery, especially the selected calendar images may be promoted on the Walinga website, Twitter feed, Instagram and Facebook. Promotion of submitted imagery is at Walinga's discretion. Submissions must be free of any royalty or licensing encumberances. By submitting imagery you warrant that the submitted imagery is yours to distribute and have released Walinga from any and all liability. Lastly, only the pneumatic conveying equipment manufactured after 2019 qualify for entry, non-eligible units manufactured prior to the cut off of 2019 are identified by their green paint finish combined with yellow and white striping. Qualifying newer units have dimensional looking grayscale decals.

To increase the chances of your photo being selected for the next calendar. Dramatic backgrounds, dramatic lighting and dramatic angles are always nice. Try and submit imagery where equipment is shown in its entirety and is in focus. Imagery where equipment bleeds off the edge of a frame or is obstructed from view isn’t as usable as imagery where the entire subject is visible.

  • It’s ok to level off the horizon or crop an image, be sure to avoid going overboard with HDR and other image editing filters.
  • Shoot and submit with intent. When you have several shots of the same scene, select the best one and submit it.
  • Ideally uploaded images should be around 5MB in JPEG format. Files sizes are capped at 10MB.
  • Keep any large RAW camera files on hand. If you have them we can utilize those higher resolution files for winning entries to ensure the highest quality reproduction.
  • Submit imagery correctly oriented to portrait or landscape.


Tip 1: Look for the dramatic! Earlier or later in the day favors more dramatic natural lighting. When possible try to capture the lit side of your subject matter. Minor photo editing isnt disqualified, like aligning a horizon, but do avoid going overboard with HDR and other filters.

Tip 2: Shooting from extreme angles with a clean trailer in an "at work" setting tells a compelling story. Remember to keep your RAW image files handy, we can utilize those enhanced files when available. If you don't know what RAW means, don't worry about it.

Tip 3: Be sure to include the entire piece of equipment, that all edges are visible. Also ensure the image is uploaded in the correct orientation. Submissions will display online oriented as submitted.

Garret Bouman
Ontario, Canada

Miner Creek Mechanical LTD.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Agromilenio S.A. - Columbia

Eggs Farm Moderno - Curacao

Bachoco PA San Luis Potosí

Pickhinke Grain Vac

Ryan Ross Trucking Lansing,
New York, United States

Jason Newitt
Ontario, Canada