Fertilizer Tender

“Building any body for anybody” challenges Walinga engineers to accommodate a wide variety of granular product, each one with unique characteristics requiring unique transfer solutions. Bulk fertilizer transport is one such market specific solution. Delivering fertilizer directly to client bins offers a range of benefits; increased efficiency, lowered operating costs, improved customer service, improved customer loyalty, customization opportunities, reduced environmental impact and reduced contamination. Most of all it removes all of the farmers required labour and hassle associated with bagged product management. Utilizing a Walinga Fertilizer Tender lends itself to a more efficient, profitable and sustainable fertilizer delivery business. Take it up a notch, further maximizing returns with the fully specified high performance Low-Pro Ultra-Lite HOAG units.

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All Aluminum Construction

All Aluminum Construction

Extremely durable and light weight aluminum construction. The only Trailer available with 100% Extruded Base. Extruded Base allows engineering to incorporate strength where strength is needed. This is something formed bases can not give you.

Heavy Duty Bearings

Walinga trailers are built to last. Everything engineered to ensure peak performance, day in and day out. Main auger tube diameter, thickness of flighting, major shaft size, stub shaft and bearings are all the thickest and or heaviest in the industry. Durability and longevity are priority.

Heavy Duty Bearings

Gear-Driven Boom Rotation

The rotation of the Boom is by means of RC80 primary reduction and RD50 secondary reduction drives. Rated strength is 14,000 lbs. (6343 kg). Hydraulic over load protection is provided through a cross over relief valve.

Accessible Bulk Head Fittings

Form follows function. A customer once described their newly received unit as "a work of art". The beauty of a well engineered product is in the detials. Well designed hydraulic systems utilize best practice solutions to minimize fatigue and improve performance. Maintenance proceedures are simplified when the needs of servicing are considered.


Walinga's line of Fertilizer Tender Units are destined to become the equipment of choice. These units deliver operators maximum load capabilities, minimum weight to strength ratio, and of course Walinga's low maintenance requirements.

12-15-12 inch HIGH OUTPUT AUGER (HOAG) Discharge

Size does matter. Walinga's massive 12" floor auger, 15" vertical auger and 12" boom auger combination can unload at speeds up to one ton per minute. Speeds will vary depending upon product characteristics and environmental conditions.



Saves on Fuel

Includes Anti-Rollover

All Aluminum

Smart Bin

Horizontal Slide Gates

Horizontal Slide Gates

Large horizontal slide gates are great for all fertilizer bulk. Especially proficient at dropping 'sticky' bulk commodities. Horizontal slide gates prevent product from bridging at the bottom. Available standard with manual operation. Air operated gates may be optioned with our in-cab controller.

Remote Controlled Boom

Remotely control various functions from the comfort of the cab or anywhere else nearby. Choose the robust push button OMNIX remote to manage START, STOP and four other functions or utilize our tough Android tablet to manage dozens of functions. Both units functions are fully customizable and are typically delivered fully programmed.

Tractor Hydraulic Package

Tractor Hydraulic Package

Heavy Duty tractor wet kits are designed to keep your Walinga trailer running strong using only the best components.

Roll Tarp Fender

Roll Tarp Fender

Galvanized Chassis

Galvanizing aluminum protects aluminum from the effects of corrosion. A zinc coating protects the aluminum from acidic assualts from things like like ocean spray, acid rain, road salts or similar corrosives.   

Roll Stability Controller

This controller, known as SmartTrac by MeritorWabco, monitors the vehicle’s rollover threshold and activates to slow the vehicle when the threshold is exceeded. After the conditions cease, normal vehicle operation resumes.

Discharge Systems

Manufacturers of a full range of familiar discharge systems including Walinga’s legendary Pneumatic Conveying Systems thru Paddle Discharge Systems, the properties of bulk fertilizer are best suited to Walinga’s Auger Discharge System. Auger systems are available in different diameter configurations, with varied options for boom lengths. A Walinga HOAG Unit (High Output Auger) matched with Walinga’s ultra tough, Ultra-Lite Aluminum construction and industry leading low center of gravity Low-Pro chassis produces a trailer that's easy on fuel, big on durability and safety while delivering maximum transfer speeds.

Auger Discharge, Precision is performance!

The Walinga design employs a 9in. (23cm) diameter trough auger with helicoid flighting on a 2 1/2 in (63mm) diameter shaft. Direct drive by a heavy duty, spring mounted high torque hydraulic motor incorporates automatic surge overload protection that controls the speed of the discharge augers. The design includes a heavy duty thrust bearing on the drive end and hanger bearing at the discharge end. A plastic (UHMW) liner in the auger trough is supplied to provide a tighter fit between auger and trough as well as prolonged life of trough.

Auger Discharge

Walinga stands behind their product. ALL Walinga chassis are protected by an ALL INCLUSIVE Structural Warranty. That's right, ALL INCLUSIVE. Take a look at the not-so-fine-print here!

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Walinga's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.

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