3510 G
3510 G


Weight1373 lbs (623 kg)
Height73 inch (185 cm)
Width34 inch (86 cm)
Length78 inch (198 cm)
Wheels3 pneumatic (1 on swivel)
Blower#510 Walinga SRT (Sound Reduction Type), Super Hardened, Positive Displacement Blower
Airlock#1210 drop-thru cast iron
Frame1 piece formed steel
Motor/Power26.5 hp EFI gas kohler (19.8 KW)
Starter12 Volt
Receiver18" dia. x 36" high (46 x 91 cm)
Inlet4" (100 mm) daffin couplings with plugs
Outlet4" (100 mm) daffin couplings with plugs


Barley900 Bu / Hour
23 Tonnes Per Hour
Corn700 Bu / Hour
18 Tonnes Per Hour
Wheat575 Bu / Hour
15 Tonnes Per Hour
Beans500 Bu / Hour
13 Tonnes Per Hour

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Due to continuous product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Capacities based on using 12 ft. (3.5 m) long suction line and truck loading kit. Capacity will vary with condition of product.