Revolution - Animal Welfare Trailer

Partnered with Newnion, an industry leader in live animal transport, and Red Rock Holdings Inc., Walinga presents the Revolution AWT (Animal Welfare Trailer). The Revolution AWT is easier on the animal, easier to load, easy to clean and easier on fuel. Newnion’s specialized animal transport component systems incorporate years of live transport expertise. Since 1954 Walinga Inc. has been manufacturing various types of Bulk Commodity transport units. Walinga trailers deliver maximum payload and minimum weight to strength ratios and of course, our guarantee of low maintenance requirements. The Revolution Animal Welfare Trailer is the perfect marriage of our combined expertise. Please take your time and learn how Walinga can help you in your quest for increased production, performance and efficiency.

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NEWNION partitions manage animal proximity and density; ventilation systems, moving blinds and access to water (drinking nipples, water misters) minimize animal stress during transport. Specify 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels, dependant upon usage. (Weaners, Feeders, Market, Breeding Stock). Every component is resolved to withstand the demands of continuous hard use while maximizing animal welfare and bio security.

Aluminum Construction

Everything you've come to expect from Walinga and more. Galvanized chassis optimize strength and durability. Above the chassis and it's all aluminum construction. Lighter stronger construction ensures AWT trailers deliver returns for the long haul, while ensuring fuel efficiency now. NEWNION's specialized animal transport components are a natural fit for Walinga. The combined years of transport experience promise the best of animal welfare, biosecurity and durability.

Manually Operated Roof and Floor Panels

Manually operated roof and floor panels expedite loading and unloading so the person loading the trailer doesn't need to bend over while loading the top decks.  Opening the roof and floor panels also helps expedite cleaning.

Hydration Control System

Clearly labelled premuim controls manage distribution of drinking water and showers. Pressure gauges, regulators and valves manage air pressure. Everything designed to endure exposure to the elements and 24/7 use.

Carry as much water as needed.

Not all climates are created equal. Modify Walinga's AWT Revolution trailers to add as many fluid reservoir tanks as your cargo and climate demand.

Animal Welfare is Priority

Interiors are designed with animal welfare in mind. Slip resistance floors and reasonably sized 'social' spaces keep animals comfortable. Smaller groupings means less injury with sudden stops. Tremendous passive ventilation through extensive wall openings complimented by remotely controlled forced air systems, lowers animal stress from heat. Sidewall options include moveable panels that shut out harsh weather elements.

Aluminum Battery Box

Keep components clean, dry and accessible. Walinga utilizes continuous custom wire looms in most applications. Cabling is run inside aluminum tubing as well, every protection possible to ensure wiring isn't damaged by exposure, repeated flex or vibration wear. Depending on the box, LED interior cabinet lighting comes standard. Customers often add further LED lighting throughout other lesser used boxes for convenience. 

Systems Box

Intelligent controllers, compressors and other complex system units are easily accessible and protected from the elements in a sealed aluminum box. Upward opening doors utilize hydraulic struts and interior componentry is laid out for maximum efficiency and ease of use.



The Walinga AWT Revolution (Animal Welfare Transport) trailer features many of the user proven components utilized in Walinga's established line of bulk transportation equipment. Combining sixty years of Walinga transport manufacturing with NEWNIONs years of live animal transport expertise ensures equipment is best of breed. Walinga and Newnion listen to customers, we are engaged with regulatory bodies and continually invest in ongoing R&D to ensure we meet industry and customer demands. Customers are unique and for those circumstances that require extra attention Walinga offers several options.

Custom LED Lighting Kits

AWT Revolution Trailers are standard equipped with functionally placed LED task lighting. Many customers have their own unique requirements and will specify additional lighting. Walinga, partnered with an industry leading transport lighting manufacturer, provides near limitless, proven robust, custom lighting solutions.

Full Paint or Graphics

Work with Walinga to have your fleet painted. Customers can have graphics designed and applied to fit the unique side panel design of the trailer.

Air Weighing System

Various Axle Configurations

Roll Stability Controller

This controller, known as SmartTrac by MeritorWabco, monitors the vehicle’s rollover threshold and activates to slow the vehicle when the threshold is exceeded. After the conditions cease, normal vehicle operation resumes.

Specialty Parts are a 'Snap...'

..with Walinga's fully-integrated CAD production line. All of Walinga manufactured parts, including customized components, are stress tested in the design phase and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Years of experience combined with full CAD integration ensures parts assemble and perform exactly as intended. If you don’t see the component you require, our engineers can make it.

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