8614 D
8614 D


Height139" (353 cm)
Width101-5/16" (257 cm)
Length297" (754 cm)
Weight12,500 lbs (5670 kg)
Discharge Height15 ft maximum (4.57 m)
Line Size7" (178 mm) & 8" (203 mm)
AxlesTwo - 7000 lbs (3176 kg) ea
TiresFour - Radial Size Tires
Rims8 Bolt 16x9
Brakes4 Wheel Electric
Frame2" x 6" (50 cm x 150 cm) tubular
BlowerOne #816 Walinga SRT (Sound Reduction Type), Super Hardened, Positive Displacement Blower
Airlock#2224 Cast iron drop thru, precision machined housing, 10 vane rotor, Hardox steel tips, hydraulically driven, reversible rotation
Engine250 hp (186 kW) John Deere Diesel Engine
DriveNACD Clutch to belts (or equivalent)
HydraulicsSelf Contained Heavy duty gear type pump, filter, hoses, controls, etc.
Receiver37-1/4" dia. (95 cm)
Precleaner31-3/16" dia. (79 cm)
SafeguardsPressure and vacuum overload protection valves. Appropriate operation and warning decals. Appropriate belt guard.


Barley7000 Bu / Hour
178 Tonnes Per Hour
Corn7000 Bu / Hour
178 Tonnes Per Hour
Wheat6500 Bu / Hour
176 Tonnes Per Hour
Beans6000 Bu / Hour
163 Tonnes Per Hour

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Due to continuous product development, specifications are subject to change without notice. Some items shown may be optional.

* Capacities based on using 12' (3.65 m) suction line and truck loading kit. Capacity will vary with condition of product.